Add Adventure to Your Life

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Who says Kuwaiti women are boring?? I am a great advocate for empowering women, especially Kuwaiti women who are made to believe that they can’t pursue their dreams or that such death defying stunts are out of their reach. I know that our society is somewhat strict and some Kuwaiti women don’t have complete freedom to do as they please, but I’m seeing more and more Kuwaiti women breaking free of these stereotypes and doing what makes them happy. Whether it be flying to London to pursue a career in culinary arts or working as a stylist in New York FashionWeek or, like me, jumping out of a plane over the Grand Canyon. Believe me ladies, life’s too short to be worried about what people think or what’s dangerous, add spice to your life! Get out there and live your life! Get your spouse and your kids in on the action! It’s not “3aib” or “7aram”! Trust me it’s healthy. Here are a few ideas:



Sky diving was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done! I met a Saudi Arabian woman who was in her 50s at the center and she told me it was her 4th time doing it and she had brought her teenage daughters with her to try it. “It’s because I don’t want my girls to be afraid of life,” she told me. Take notes moms!

Moral support from my husband of course!


A helicopter ride is a less dangerous, more romantic way to experience flight, especially when it’s close to sunset. You get to see amazing views and really get a chance to reflect on God’s creation.

Also, exotic car racing is a must if your husband is into cars!

 Happy stunting!



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