My New iPhone 5 is Here!

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I am now a proud owner of a brand new iPhone 5! I must say it looks quite different from previous versions.. the phone is much lighter and thinner than my iPhone 4s, the screen is bigger and clearer, is has a more crisp sound, and it’s faster.. and I really like the matt finish on the back, it makes the phone look more sophisticated. The headphones now go in the bottom of the phone, and the charger changed which means i have to throw out all my old chargers and docks (what a waste!) The camera has improved as well, and with the iOS 6 your have the option of shooting in panorama which I absolutely love. I just can’t find anything bad about this new iPhone at the moment but if I do I’ll definitely keep you posted!

One thought on “My New iPhone 5 is Here!

  1. Don’t throw out your old chargers and speakers! There’s an adapter for the old chargers so you can put the iPhone 5 on it if you wanted.

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