What I’m Reading


This is a great book for all you moms out there!

I remember I was in Bodrum, Turkey with my husband; we were having breakfast at our hotel, and a french family were sitting next to our table. The couple looked so polished and well-dressed as were their three young kids (two girls and a boy). The eldest child didn’t look older than 8 years old and and the youngest looked about 5. What grabbed my attention how the children quietly got up and headed to the buffet, and being a curious mom-to-be, i got up and followed them. They each took a plate and proceeded to serve themselves. They peeked carefully into the hot serving dishes and the boy carefully scooped some beans on his plate (not spilling one single drop).. the older sister quietly asked her sister if she would like some and served her. Every move was delicate and mess-free. The kids were ‘seen and not heard’.. I was baffled.. No mom or nanny helping them, no screaming and commenting loudly on everything like a lot of our Kuwaiti kids do, no messy food spills.. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I hope my kids turn out like that! How do they do it?’

I kept searching for parenting books in every bookstore i came across until I finally discovered this book. Perfect! It explains in full detail how french parents raise such well-behaved, unspoiled children and still manage to take care of themselves and go out with friends. So far I’ve tried some of the tips on my baby girl and they have really worked! My baby now sleeps through the nice and plays quietly in her crib and she doesn’t need the nanny or me to tend to her 24/7. I highly recommend this book! Order it here.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

    • هلا حبيبتي تقدرين تطلبينه من امازون او تكلمين مكتبة جرير اذا مو موجود عندهم تخلينهم يطلبونه لج.. اذا ما عرفتي دزيلي ايميل

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