What To Pack For The Gym

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If you’re a first time gym-goer here are some tips to make your gym experience go as smooth as possible:

What to wear to the gym..

  • Cotton T-shirt
  • Comfy cotton pants
  • A good sports bra
  • Cotton undies
  • Cushioned socks
  • A pair of good running shoes (Preferably half a size bigger because your feet swell when you exercise)

I must emphasize all your clothes must be cotton, because if you sweat your skin needs to breathe or else you will get breakouts and backne (ew!)

What to pack..

  • Thoub 9alat (Trust me you don’t want to use the sweaty, bacteria saturated ones they have at the gym mosque!!)
  • Headphones (again, don’t use sweaty, germy headphones provided at the gym..)
  • A healthy packed snack (in case you feel hungry or dizzy, peanut butter and banana sandwich is excellent and full of protein!)
  • Weight gloves (you don’t want dry, cracked hands from carrying all those weights!)
  • A fresh clean change of clothes and undies
  • A waterproof shower kit which includes travel shampoo and conditioner, body wash, face wash, deodorant and body lotion
  • In a separate bag, your toner, serum, face cream, eye cream
  • Hair brush or comb (which is better for less split ends)
  • Dirty laundry mesh bag
  • Shoe bag with flip flops for the shower (dirty floors!)

You will get home all ready to just sit and relax with a lovely cup of tea in front of the TV! Have a great workout Ladies!

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