Treat Your Nanny/Maid

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This may sound superficial to my non-arab readers but our lives here in Kuwait and many Gulf countries basically depend on maids and nannies. Ladies, your nannies/maids left their own families to take care of YOUR family. They cook for you, clean for you, look after your children, so it must be our duties to make them as happy and comfortable as they make us! These are people who’s financial state pushed them to taking this job, so don’t punish them for it. Respect them, treat them, they are mothers, daughters, and sisters just like you and they have self respect. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there see these people as uneducated, untrustworthy and unworthy of being treated nicely. Do you believe that most of the maids that come to work in Kuwait have a college degree? Picture this.. You leave your home to go work in the Phillippines or India or Sri Lanka or Bangladesh for at least two years to clean some stranger’s toilet or wash their dirty clothes or babysit their children. Would you do it? Wouldn’t it be hell? Think about it. We hear so many stories about nannies murdering children or their employees, I’m sure it was the result of being treated badly. These people look at our clothes, cars, houses and they can’t help but want the same. So they might grow hostile when we say something disrespectful! Take a look at this video:

The following movie really opened my eyes, I really recommend you watch this full movie it’s amazing it’s called “Mammoth”, turn on closed captioning and skip to 1:17:53 to see the clip that changed my life..

I love my maid and nanny. They are really my best friends. They cheer me up when I’m sad, they take care of me and my baby. They cook with me and share their stories. They travel with me and take the stress off of taking care of a new baby. They offer me advice. I take them shopping for their kids. So I thought it would only be fair if I celebrated their birthdays and gave them presents, things they really needed. I baked a cake for my nanny and bought her a new phone with a camera so she can see her kids. She cried because she was so happy. I was glad that I was able to make this human being’s life easier and I know God will reward me for it. Go ahead! Be good to your maid, believe me she will return the favor and be the most loyal friend you have.

She wanted my daughter to cut the the cake because she loved her so much!

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