Quick and Easy Entertaining

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A lot of us have friends over for tea in the evening, and sometimes we don’t have time to make the food,  do our hair, put on makeup, fix up the house, etc. Here are some of my tricks on making your dinner party as hassle-free and chic as possible!

Make sure your house is tidied up, remove all clutter and get some flowers.. Flowers always brighten up your dinner setting..

Set up a tea and milk tray.. One thermos has hot milk, and the other has tea. Your guests can serve themselves and be able to control how dark or light they want their tea.. They can also just have plain black tea.

Cheese platters are always elegant and guests like extremely salty snacks to have on hand while they chat. I got the items from Dean & Deluca, you can get these from any grocery store but I liked the variety there. I chose four different cheeses by tasting them and making sure each one was a different taste and sharpness. They have some lovely flavored crackers, here I chose walnut crackers. I asked the vendor to slice up the cheese for me into the same size to fit the cracker. I went home and sliced a fig, added dried apricots and a bunch of grapes. That’s it! Easy right? You can even ask the cheese vendor at Dean & Deluca to set up the cheese platter for you. Also, cheese goes great with a balsamic glaze which you can buy at The Sultan Center.

It’s nice to have something extremely sweet to go with the extremely salty cheese. Here I just poured KDD grape juice into an elegant jug, this one’s from Villeroy and Boch.. Pair it with a couple of elegant glasses and voila! Instant chic!

I also grabbed some fresh italian mozzarella, basil and a jar of pesto at Dean & Deluca. I just sliced up the mozzarella, sliced a tomato, and layered them with basil leaves then just drizzled some pesto on top. Fast and easy caprese salad!

I got these small sandwiches from Mr.Baker on my way home. They have a delicious sandwich basket, all I did was arrange it on a tiered platter and garnished it with cranberries (from Dean & Deluca).

I ordered these mini sambosas and kubbas from Snack Factory and I put them in a nice white three section bowl/platter which I forgot to photograph.. But my guest loved them and they look really cute.. They are no bigger than a 100 fils coin! Never display food to your guests in their plastic containers!! That’s just tacky! Arrange everything in nice platters..

 I also baked a bundt cake in the morning which I put on a cake stand. I will give you a recipe for this cake in a future post.


Most of my dinner was just assembled, so it only took me about a half hour to set up, which gave me plenty of time to get ready.. Here are some more dinner party ideas:

Chocolate covered strawberries, just microwave some plain galaxy chocolate, dip them and put them on some wax paper to set. Easy!


Oreo “Dirt pot” pudding, always fun! I’ll give you the recipe in a future post..

Mini burgers; you can either order these routinis by delivery from Nino’s or you can make them yourself! I’ll post the recipe soon

I love these mini caramel macchiatos and they are always a hit at my dinner parties. They are super easy to make, this will also be a future post! Just keep following my blog!

In the meantime.. Don’t stress! Just be calm and confident and enjoy the company!











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