How To Organize Your Car

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  • Travelstacks

These are useful for stashing any small items like hand sanitizer, keys, candy, pens, etc. Click here to order!

  • Car Trash Bins.

Instead of littering you car (or the road!), buy a trash bin for your car where you can throw away your used tissues or starbucks cup! You can find this at “Home Center”.

This “Car Bin” can be found at “Lakeland” at Marina Mall. You can either hang it or velcro it to the floor.

  • Door pocket tissues

I’m glad “Masafi” makes these now, because I used to love the ones by “Kleenex” then they discontinued them.. They are great because you don’t have to reach around the car trying to find a tissue while driving!

  • Car Phone Holder

This phone holder by “Griffin” can hold your phone so you won’t have to rummage through your purse searching for a ringing phone, also you can easily put it on speaker while you drive. This on can be found at any electronics store in Kuwait.

  • Trunk Bins

You can stash your groceries or extra items in these bins to avoid them bouncing around in the trunk.

Also you can keep cold food cold and hot food hot, as well as avoid spillage with these large food boxes from “Mabrook”.

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