It’s Flu Season!

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A tickle in your throat? A foggy head? Yep.. You’re coming down with something! Here’s how to stop a cold in it’s tracks before it takes hold..

1. Hydrate!

As soon as you feel a cold coming drink plenty of water and fresh juices. Hot teas also help a lot, here’s a simple tea recipe that works like a charm! Just boil some water, fresh ginger slices, and fresh lemon slices. Simmer the mixture for 15 minutes then stir in some honey and turmeric (kurkum) and sip away!

2. Gargle with salt water.

The salt will draw out excess water and kill the bacteria in your throat.

3. Vitamin C.

Take 1000mg of vitamin C every 3 hours to boost your immune system. Don’t be worried about an overdose because excess vitamin C just flushes out in urine.

4. Take an over the counter drug.

Try “Aerius” or “Snip” which stop a cold before it takes hold.

5. Spray away.

Spray a saline solution to clean out your nasal passages.

6. Sleep it off.

Sleeping helps your body concentrate on fighting off the cold. Your immune system will be kicked into high gear when you’re resting.

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