How To Throw a Bridal Shower!

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Step 1: Make a guest list.

Invite only the bride’s close friends and family. They should be people the bride loves. Make sure you let them know it’s a bridal shower so they bring gifts for the bride.

Step 2: Plan the menu.

Make sure you have plenty of choices to suit all tastes. For example if you have a heavy salad, make sure you have a lighter salad as an option for dieters. Also, finger foods are best, anything that doesn’t require cutting is easier for a buffet.

Step 3: Flowers.

You must have an idea of what the bride wants her bridal bouquet to be or at least her color preferences so that you can create that same theme for your flower arrangements. You will need a flower arrangement for each dinner table and some for the buffet.

Step 4: Ambience.

Oud music is ideal for an outdoor buffet. Buy a CD with some soft wedding dinner oud music to set the mood. Also, get some candles and put them in glass vases to put on the tables and on the floor, be careful not to have your candles exposed or you might have a fire hazard! If you have a pool, buy floating candles. Also, you can hang twinkle lights and switch off all other lights to provide a lovely romantic feel along with the candles. All these items are available at low prices at “Home Center”.

Step 5: Plan games.

Bridal games are a great way to break the ice and have a great laugh with your friends. Examples of appropriate games for a conservative crowd:

  • Test the bride’s kitchen skills by blindfolding her and making her identify some spices by smell.
  • Purse scavenger hunt. This one’s for the guests! The bride reads out items for the guests to dig out of their purses and the person who takes out the item first gets a point. The items range from the obvious like wallets, keys, to the strange like mascara, or dental floss!
  • How well do you know the bride? The bride asks questions about herself to the guests and the person with the most points wins!

You can find out more fun game ideas from the internet, but make sure you have prizes ready for the winners!

Step 5: Fake Champagne.

A fun new way to spice up a bridal shower is for the bride to pop a bottle of bubbly and to pour it out for the guests holding champagne glasses. Also the host or a close friend can give a toast wishing the bride good luck. My favorite non alcoholic champagne brand is “EVA” and the best flavor is peach, you can find it in most supermarkets.

Step 6: Decorate.

Buy banners and balloons from “Party Land” or “Balloony Land” to decorate your party, they also have badges and sashes that say “Bride” and you can buy cute little accessories like a mini veil for the bride from “Claire’s”.

Step 7: Order the cake.

A fun shape cake will be the star of the party! Most bakeries in Kuwait make them, just make sure you have a picture of exactly what shape you want and you must order the cake at least 3 days in advance.



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