How To Deal With a Troubled Marriage

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Let me be completely honest, and you can quote me on this: EVERY MARRIED COUPLE HAS PROBLEMS! They might not show it to you on the street or in a gathering, they might in fact look like they are the most in-love couple in the universe, but behind closed doors, it’s a whole other story.

Whether your problems are severe or small, the solution is simple..


  • Your husband hangs out with his friends all night and doesn’t come home until close to dawn. Number one: Don’t call or nag him while he’s at the diwaniya! By doing that you will make him look like an idiot in front of his friends and he will come home irritated. Instead, find a quiet time to sit with him and explain why this upsets you and make sure he understands your point. If he keeps doing this, then just keep quiet about it and go about your life, make sure you have your own independent schedule and social life, trust me when you’re not so clingy he will miss you and will make the effort to come home early.
  • Your husband sleeps out of the house. Well, did you know that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) allowed the husband 3 days to sleep outside the house provided every fourth day he sleeps at home with you? That’s because a Muslim man is allowed four wives. When you put that into consideration it doesn’t seem so bad! Just always think of it as what God wills.
  • Your husband drinks, flirts, doesn’t pray etc. Try to talk to him about it calmly, and remind him that he is a Muslim and that God will punish him, and let him understand how much this hurts you. But don’t over do it! If after one, two or even several times he doesn’t stop, then just don’t talk to him about it anymore. Pray for him, pray in front of him, be the perfect wife, do your wifely duties, cook, tidy, and enjoy him. Make him your best friend. At night, read the Quran near him, egray 3alaih gala 6ol! 9alay jdamah, ba5reela el dar, wanseeh. Trust me one day he will realize that you stood by him all this time and he will change. In the mean time, e7tasbay el ajer! Allah is watching and He knows what’s happening. If you put all your faith in God and love God first, he will not let you down, trust me!


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